SkillApp: Knowledge Transfer

Share your skills as texts, pictures or short videos with your team and customers

Then track learning progress through quizzes, tests and open questions. Great for T&D in business and online tutors.

Thanks for signing up for the SkillApp for mobile beta. The Android are now of beta and available! Head over to Google Play to start using the releases.

SkillApp saves your time when you need to explain or to teach the same things to many people. It could be onboarding process, using a CRM, product description, customer service rules, equipment mounting, soft skills, etc.

Record your skills using camera, messaging or voice recording and invite people to learn. Track their knowledge with a test, a quiz or an open question.

People can learn your skill on a mobile device at a convenient time as frequently as they need. You can stop sharing it at any time.

YC Startup School Winter 2020